Great Tasting Beers… pure and simple, that’s our passion and our mission!

Burnside’s story really began in the mid 1980’s when a couple of guys got together and got serious about home brewing beer ….and having some fun. Time passed, people moved on, got new jobs, had growing families (and mortgages!) and in some cases travelled the world. So, in 2008, two of us (and we just happened to be brothers!) decided to take another look at beer, brewing, and having fun to see if we could take it to the next stage…..a commercial, small batch, Craft Brewery. The idea was hatched, researched and Burnside Brewery was born!

Our brewing equipment was ordered in 2009, was installed early the following year, and in May 2010 we completed our first brews! We’d actually done it…planned, registered and installed our own brewery, ….. and we were now real Brewers!!!! Imagine how we felt when we picked up 2nd place at our first Beer Festival for one of our beers…just 1 week after launching . Wow, we were buzzing with excitement!

Craft Beers

Our first batches of beer were around the 350 Ltr size, (not exactly commercially threatening to the big guys), and depending on the type and strength of beer, we’d sometimes be lucky to be able to brew 12 casks per week…….but we were having a great time learning the business side of brewing.

Since then, we’ve designed and built our own brewery and this has given us significantly increased capacity to allow for ongoing expansion….and we’re still having fun!

Thanks to every one of our loyal supporters and customers for helping us to continue growing our range of beers! Come along, join us and enjoy the journey, savour the exploration of great tasting Craft Brewed Beers, and have some fun.

Welcome to Burnside Brewery!