About us

Our Story

Ever wanted to throw in the corporate towel and brew beer for a living? Us to. And now we’re making the dream a reality. The three of us officially took over Burnside Brewery in July 2018 and couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s hard work, but we are passionate about full-flavoured beer that is both approachable and thirst quenching, pint after pint.

After years of homebrewing (and a little distilling), our Master Brewer, Steve Lewis, has finally gotten out of the kitchen and into a commercial space. Never has someone been so happy to climb into a vessel to clean out spent hops. Gary Gibb (pictured right) is local to Aberdeen and anxious to get some new beers on the market. He is our technical personnel when it comes to all things vessel and pump related thanks to many years experience in the oil industry. Margo Macnab is the master of taste and aroma. While she may be keeping her job as a medical physicist, she will be of great use from our quality perspective. Rumor has it that she once said Burnside Brewery will be the next Brewdog – but with better tasting beer. Or so the rumor goes!

Welcome to Burnside Brewery!