Welcome to Burnside Brewery

Great tasting beers......thats our Mission at Burnside!  

For too long Beer Drinkers have had to settle for the tasteless fizz produced by the big "beer factories".   

Well now that's all changing,......... and it's changing fast.  The rapidly growing Craft  Brewing sector is now producing the most wonderful beers with real taste and character, and at Burnside we're proud to be part of that drive towards quality, diversity and real choice!

There are some truly World Class beers and ales being produced by this dedicated band of Craft Brewers...........Craft Brewers who may not always agree about "everything beer" but who are nevertheless truly passionate about the beers they brew.

At Burnside we're committed to working hard towards joining that select group who are consistently brewing the best tasting beers around.

Why not join us for the journey.................Enjoy!