Weiss Bier 1 - Hefe Weiss (Bavarian Style Wheat Beer)

Burnside  Hefe-Weissbier  is a classic Bavarian Weissbier.

Naturally cloudy, it pours with a foamy white head and delivers a deliciously mild aroma of banana with a slight hint of cloves. The special yeast used in brewing this beer, together with our secret blend of hops, produces a refreshingly light drink with a sparkling mix of flavours and aromas, and a finish with a twist of citrusy lemon.

This is a very social drink and is best enjoyed in the company of good friends!

Serving this Burnside Hefe-Weissbier:  For best results, serve chilled from the refrigerator, then gently pour the contents into a suitable glass leaving a small amount of beer in the bottle.  Gently swirl the bottle to pick up any yeast sediment, and pour the remaining contents into your glass…and then enjoy!  Prost!

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